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Monday 29 May

Location: LUT University, Mukkulankatu 19, 15210 Lahti

9:00-17:00W1 Critical Deliberative Democracy Tech: Questions, Tensions, Norms and Directions for Working with Institutions, Communities and Technologies to Scale Up Democratic Innovations. Anna De Liddo, Grazia Concilio and Francesca RizzoD250
W2  Exploring energy citizenship at a community. Ajesh Kumar, Bilal Naqvi and S M Tahsinur RahmanD251
W3 Digital Green and Blue Space. The potential of digital engagement to connect with urban green and blue spaces. Katherine Willis and colleaguesD252

Tuesday 30 May

Location: LUT University, Mukkulankatu 19, 15210 Lahti

9:00-17:00W4 Designing the City: Challenges and Opportunities in Digital Public Service Design. Suzan Boztepe, Mareike Glöss, Erik Grönvall, Jörn Christiansson and Per LindeD250
W5 1st workshop on exploring disruptive technologies from the local community perspective. Jiri Musto, Kari Heikkinen, Nicholas Martin, Bertille Auvray and Stepan BakhaevD251
W6 Co-Creation Practices and Technologies for Open Urban Planning. Hilda Tellioglu, Gerfried Mikusch, Christoph Kirchberger, Imre Keserü, Karst T. Geurs, Benjamin Büttner and Brigitte VettoriD252
18:50-20:45Welcome Reception: Cruise on Lake Vesijärvi (light snacks served). Depart Lahti Harbour at 19:15Meet in front of Sibelius Hall at 18:50 sharp

Wednesday 31 May

Location: Sibelius Hall, Ankkurikatu 7, 15140 Lahti

Keynote by Professor Allan Owens: Venturing into the forest of things: arts-based encounters In participative interactive arts-based encounters the concern is with understanding of self, other, society and planet as a profoundly humanizing, democratic project. Artistic skills, forms expressions and processes are used to explore, represent, challenge and understand human experience, those without a voice, the vulnerable, non-human creatures and the environment itself. Methods are active, multi-perspectival, imaginative, creative, expressive, interpretive, question posing, curiosity driven and designed to generate learning in non-artistic domains. We collectively create and reflect, objectifying our own understandings to connect with the wider social and political contexts in which our learning is taking place. The readiness to engage in interpretation is central, almost a precondition to knowledge.  To use a metaphor central to arts-based encounters, resonant with our location here in Sibeliustalo, on the edge of Lake Vesajarvi, Finland … we venture into the forest of things to see what we might find there…  Kuusi
10:30-11:00Coffee BreakMetsähalli
11:00-12.30 session 1Theories and frameworks to understand Communities and technologies in Practice – Anna De Liddo

Emergent collaborations outside of organizational frameworks: exploring relevant concepts Khuloud Abou Amsha, Erik Grönvall and Joanna Saad-Sulonen

Revealing the role of values in developing a garden data ecosystem through a reflective participatory design approach Silvia Cazacu, Ingrid Mulder, Andrew Vande Moere and Thérèse Steenberghen (case study)

Towards Practice-oriented Framework for Digital Inequality in Smart Cities Johanna Ylipulli and João Hämäläinen   
13:30-15:10 session 2Communities and Technologies Research in Urban Contexts – Hilda Tellioglu

Dimensions of Influence in Trucking: Beyond Work Community Timo Tokkonen, Helena Tokkonen, Atte Kinnula, Marianne Kinnula and Kari Kuutti 

Smart Waste Management Survey: Comparison of needs and challenges in three different sized northern cities Inna Sosunova, Jari Porras, Pekka Niskasaari and Andrei Rybin

Turning Robotic Process Automation onto Intelligent Automation with Machine Learning Damian Kedziora and Sami Hyrynsalmi (case study)

User Experience for Non-Expert Audiences in Data Exploration  
Natasha Tylosky, Antti Knutas, Majad Qureshi and Annika Wolff (short paper) 
15:10-15:30Coffee BreakMetsähalli
15:30-17:00 session 3New Technologies for Communities’ Health – Damian Kedziora

Shareish (Share & Cherish): an open-source, map-based, web platform to foster mutual aid Adrien Guilliams, Ulysse Rubens, Florent Banneux, Pierre Chapeau and Raphaël Marée

Accessibility of Kahoot! And Quizizz: Utilizing educational games with Elderly Students Mirkka Forssell, Isabella Aura, Markku Turunen and Lobna Hassan

Detection Of Dementia Through Interactive Mobile UI Modules(*) Asmaul Husna, Masrur Masuk Shopnil, Iyolita Islam, Zinia Sultana, Tasnim Tabassum Rima, Sazid Shariar, Nasreen Azad, A.K.M. Najmul Islam and Muhammad Nazrul Islam   
18:00-19:00Community Event – learning arts-based approaches. Come to Theatrum Olga in Lahti and gain some practical insight into how arts-based approaches have been used in learning and in community development.Theatrum Olga, Ahvenistonkatu 2. Walking party leaving leaving from outside Sibelius Hall at 17:30 (walking time is around 30 minutes) 

Thursday 1 June

Location: Sibelius Hall, Ankkurikatu 7, 15140 Lahti

session 4
Novel Evaluation Frameworks to advance C&T research and practice – Annika Wolff

Designing and assessing a community-engaged digital enablement program: a Case Study Ben Stein, Jacob Biehl and Rosta Farzan

A tale of struggles: an evaluation framework for transitioning from individually usable to community-useful online deliberation tools Lucas Anastasiou, Aldo de Moor, Barbara Brayshay  and Anna De Liddo

Practitioners’ Perspectives on Inclusion and Civic Empowerment in Finnish Public Sector AI Karolina Drobotowicz, Lucy Truong, Johanna Ylipulli, Ana Paula Gonzalez Torres and Nitin Sawhney   
10:30-11:00Coffee BreakMetsähalli
11:00-12.30 session 5Beyond Human Communities and Technologies Research and Practices – Dominik Siemon

Updating Natureculture Practices in Abruzzo: towards the Prototyping of New Ecological Relationtionships between Sheperds, Farmers, Animals and Plants(*) Laura Boffi

Beyond human sensors: More-than-human Citizen Sensing in biodiversity Urban Living Labs Geertje Slingerland and Anja Overdiek

Co-Production process with Coastal Communities: Surfacing Ocean Knowledge, Relationships and Culture Marly Muudeni Samuel (short paper)

Poster Pitches
Wearing a Hololens: A new dimension to remote presence in education Sebastian Hahta, Maryam Teimouri, Tomi Suovuo, Selma Auala, Erkkiu Rötkönen, Jason Mendes, Naska Goagoses, Heike Winschiers-Theophilus and Erkki Sutinen

Vintage Meets Modern: A Retro-Inspired Audio Guestbook for Event Communication Vanessa Cesário 
12:30-13:30Lunch and postersMetsähalli
13:30-15:10 session 6Grassroots Community Action and technology supported social innovation – Rosta Farzan

Supporting innovation in a context of uncertainty: the role of design and technology Sarah Armouch, Shelina Visram and Vasilis Vlachokyriakos  
Two-sided Cultural Niches: Topic Overlap, Geospatial Correlation, and Local Group Activities on Event-based Social Networks  
Julia Hsin-Ping Hsu, Heejoo Shin, Noseong Park and Myeong Lee    
The Character of Eco-feedback Systems for Energy Communities 
Èlia Gil Peña and Rikke Hagensby Jensen   

Municipalities’ digitalization and sustainability transformations: A network approach for designing a transdisciplinary knowledge community  
Andrea Hamm, André Ullrich, Rainer Rehak, Kristina Becker and Benjamin Nölting (short paper) 
15:10-15:30Coffee BreakMetsähalli
15:30-17:00 session 7Theoretical and Speculative Perspectives on Communities and Technologies – Johanna Ylipulli

Ancestral and Cultural Futuring: Speculative Design in an Indigenous OvaHimba context Chris Muashekele, Heike Winschiers-Theophilus, Kasper Rodil and Alphons Koruhama

Postcards from the Future: Speculating the Future of Built Environments with Citizens Irina Paraschivoiu, Marta Dziabiola and Alexander Meschtscherjakov

Connecting Through Objects: Sharing Memories Through Participatory Stop-Motion Animation with Personal Objects of the Armenian Diaspora Nairy Eivazy, Jan P. L. Peeters and Sandy Claes   
19:30Conference MealSibelius Hall (Lastu)

Friday 2 June

Location: Sibelius Hall, Ankkurikatu 7, 15140 Lahti

9:00-10:30 panelAre we all leaders while working in digital communities ?
Panel hosts: Niina Salo and Tuuli Toivikko
Panelists: Kateryna Kryzhanivska, Jonna Koponen, Matti Vartiainen, Eetu Helminen, Dominik Siemon
10:30-11:00Coffee BreakMetsähalli
11:00-12.30 session 8Learning by Doing – Lessons learned from case studies and projects with communities and technologies – Ajesh Kumar

Assessing the Value Orientations of Contributors to Virtual Citizen Science Projects(*) Eunmi Jeong, Corey Jackson, Liz Dowthwaite, Tallal Ahmad and Laura Trouille

IT for Good. How Technology Adoption and Technological Artefacts can support a Local Community: two case studies Veronica Cruciani and Vincenzo D’Andrea 

A Case Study of Cross-Organizational Co-Design with Public Bodies: Opportunities for a Collaborative Platform Chiara Leonardi, Elena Not, Matteo Gerosa and Roberta Lotti (case study) 
(*) Video presentations